The bed and breakfast itself is a building standing on its own next to main house.

The first floor is made up from 3 sections. A main entrance hall which will lead you to the bathroom on the one side and the living room/kitchen on the other side. From the living room you walk up the stairs to find the 2nd floor which contains another small living room with a nice view and a bedroom with two separate beds which can be put together. This small living room has a TV and a DVD recorder as well.

The apartment is originally meant for 2 people but it can host families up to 4 people.

The kitchen has some equipment to help you wake up in the morning, think of a coffeemaker and a water boiler, but it also has a fridge and a microwave.

Naturally, there is free WIFI. Next to that, all the power used for the apartment comes from our own solar panels which means that it is entirely powered with green energy.

Every morning there will be a luxurious breakfast containing fresh bread, coffee, tea, typical Dutch sandwich spread like cheese and hagelslag, fruit juice, fruit, and multiple dairy products. All the products are biological or from our own garden

It is possible to receive breakfast the night before so you can prepare it and wake up at the time that bests suits you. Normally breakfast will be served in the living room on the first floor, but with beautiful weather it is also possible to enjoy the sun and have breakfast on the terrace.

Preparing breakfast as a sort of pick nick for during lunch is also possible.