The neighbourhood


Bed and Breakfast Zuiderzee is located right next to the Ijssel, one of the biggest rivers flowing through the Netherlands.

When stepping of the area you will find yourself in the beautiful environment of Veluwe. This part of the Netherlands has plenty of opportunities for hiking biking and visiting some historical towns in the neighbourhood.

The nearest town to bed and breakfast Zuiderzee is the small picturesque town of Hattem, which is about 3km away. The next big city is Zwolle which is 4km away. From Zwolle you can take a train and be in Utrecht and Amsterdam in about an hour.

Something about hattem and Zwolle:

Zwolle is:

  1. One of the city’s of the hanseatic league
  2. The capital of the province of Overrijssel, with all the facilities which you would expect of such a city.
  3. In possession of a nice and beautiful museum on the edge of the town called ‘museum de Fundatie’
  4. Currently expanding in a rapid tempo which gives the city an modern atmosphere with a lot of nice traditional stores, but also a lot of familiar brands.
  5. One of the best cities to eat in the Netherlands with a lot of nice cafes, bars and restaurants including ‘the librije’ which has 3 Michelin stars.


Next to that, Hattem is:

  1. The most northern of the hanseatic city located on the Veluwe
  2. An old town which can still be seen in the various landmarks that are well preserved. Think of the city walls, the remarkable ‘dijkpoort’ and much other things to see.
  3. Known for its ‘bakkerijmuseum’, or bakerymuseum in English😉. Furthermore, you can find the small Anton Pieck museum in Hattem, a museum full of beautiful art from the astonishing landscapes surrounding hattem.
  4. Called the jewel of the ‘veluwe’ for a reason

Another hanseatic city in the neighbourhood is Kampen which is about 15km away. There is a beautiful cycling tour next to the Ijssel which will guide you directly to Kampen.

We will provide you with some maps for hiking and biking in the neighbourhood.