What makes the BenB so extraordinary?
You are in bustling Zwolle or the historic Hanseatic city of Hattem in ten minutes. The BenB is outside all the hustle and bustle, just in the middle of the grasslands. Ideal for those seeking tranquility. You step out the door and walk or cycle into the beautiful nature along the IJssel or over the Veluwe. Cycling routes with junctions and walking routes (LAW) run past the apartment.

* a Hanseatic city with a rich historical past
* the provincial capital with the facilities of a large city
* a historic city center including the Peperbus, the Sassenpoort
* in possession of the Fundatie museum
* working on the most beautiful bookstore in the Netherlands, Waanders in de Broeren
* rich in a cinema, cinema and special shops
* one of the most culinary cities in the country.

* the northernmost Hanseatic town on the Veluwe
* well preserved with city walls, stately Dijkpoort and other monumental buildings
* known from the Dutch Bakery Museum, the Voerman Museum and the Anton Pieck Museum
* the pearl of the Veluwe for a reason.

* a Hanseatic city 15 km away and can be reached with a beautiful bike ride along the IJssel.

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